Welcome to my art gallery.  I hope you enjoy the experience that I've created for you.

Hi! My name is Jerry Schuster.  Portrait painting isn't just a job for me. It's a passion! I have the responsibility of creating a very personal piece of artwork that transcends almost everything most people will ever own. I take that responsibility very seriously. Nothing is more important to me than getting it right.  As you read through the testimonials on this site, you'll notice that one of the common praises I get is my willingness to patiently work through the details until the finished portrait is perfect. Anything less is simply not acceptable to me.

Listen to the words of Paul Reid in regards to the painting of his grandfather:

    "The portrait you produced exceeds our expectations, especially given the price, which was extremely reasonable. I'm also really grateful for the endless patience you've shown in trying to make this portrait as true to life as possible. You were not kidding when you said you would fine-tune as much as humanly possible to meet your customer's expectations. I know you have spent many hours making sure that all the details were done just right and that is greatly appreciated. I plan to work with you again on another project and will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and associates."

That's the results I'm looking for every time I put a brush to canvas.  Fortunately, I have hundreds of satisfied clients who have similar sentiments.  Besides earning a good living doing what I love, my clients provide me with that great intangible that eludes many artists - appreciation.

About The Process
Since I frequently work with photos that are sent to me from all over the United States and abroad (I also do traditional sittings) I've worked out a system that virtually guarantees satisfaction.  All my clients receive images via email or the Internet throughout the painting process - including close-ups at the appropriate time.  This allows them to provide their input and suggestions at every step.  By the time they receive their portraits - either in person or by delivery - they know exactly what they are going to get.  There is never an unhappy surprise.

The Guarantee
All of this allows me to offer an unprecedented money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your portrait, I will refund your entire purchase price.  You will  have absolutely no risk, whatsoever.  That's virtually unheard of for high-end custom portraiture.

Remember, my goal is to be sensitive to your desires and to give you exactly what you want. That's my promise to you.


Jerry Schuster